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SOLD Vespa Sidecar Rig


The style, functionality and durability of our scooter - sidecars combinations result from using the best components available along with expert assembly here in the US. We have over 10 years of experience matching and assembling sidecars with scooters.  That experience results in a superior product that offers the best value to our customers.

The Chassis:

We use either a vintage Italian Sprint with 10” Wheels (VLB1T) or vintage Italian VBB (VBB1T) style chassis with 10” Wheels, ( 8” wheels available on request for shorter/smaller riders). The chassis is stripped to bare metal. Metal work done as needed with minimal body filler. The chassis is professionally repainted in regular colors, original factory colors or to a custom color requested by the customer. Regular colors include Black, Silver, Red, and White. Custom colors/paint schemes are available.

The scooters we attach to sidecars are strengthened along the center tunnel/floorboard area during the restoration process adding reinforcement to the areas where the sidecar mounting bracket is bolted to the chassis. This reduces the amount of flex in the chassis and reduces the risk of future metal fatigue. European Tires with either Piaggio factory wheel rims or European top quality chrome rims as used as the tire and wheel package.

A new factory fork with new shock/damper/spring is used. Cables/Headset Bearings/Speedometer internals are replaced with new parts or rebuilt to new condition.. All electrical components, electrical cabling and lighting fixtures are replaced with new parts.

The Engine

The engine is probably the most important part of a scooter/sidecar rig. We offer 2 engine choices in our sidecar rigs. The base motor is our PX 166cc Enhanced Durability Engine which addresses all of the known weaknesses in the LML Star Express engine. We use a 166cc mildly tuned cylinder with wire drawn rings and forged piston. We feature GGR Hot Reeds on the reed intake with a Dellorto 20/20 Carb. We use an Italian crankshaft with Piaggio main bearings, top quality gears/transmission and a banded clutch for longevity. The result is a motor assembled here in Texas that can stand up to additional stress of pulling a sidecar.  The PX 166cc rig sells for $6295.00

Our next engine choice is the PX200E engine. We start with a set of factory new Piaggio 200cc PX200E engine cases and then use an absolutely top quality Italian Tameni crank as the heart of the engine with Piaggio, Italian main bearings. The motors are assembled with Ducati Ignition systems and a Dellorto SI24/24E Carb. We only use European factory quality parts to finish the motor and you end up with a brand new PX200E 200cc motor with an Italian pedigree that has been expertly assembled at our workshop in Texas. The PX200E 200cc motor has substantially more torque/horsepower and will operate much more comfortably in its performance envelope leading to both longer engine life and a safer ride as it has the reserve power to move the scooter more responsively. The PX200 Rig sells for $7295.00

We are confident that our new PX166cc or new PX200E motor are the best engine solution for a safe, reliable, and durable scooter sidecar combination.


We use all metal Cozy 10” Rocket or Standard style sidecars as our sidecar of choice. We purchase the sidecars from the factory in India and mount it to our restored scooter in Texas. Once the sidecar is mounted we ensure the sidecar/scooter combo rides well and break in the combo with enough engines miles we are confident it is ready for the long haul.

Upgrades and Accessories:

Because we are a full service dealer we can offer many accessories and upgrades for your new sidecar rig. Chrome rims, whitewall tires, rear and front racks. All these items, plus engine performance upgrades and suspension upgrades can be added for an additional cost

The scooter sidecar combo we are assembling is the best vintage side combination available in the United States. We have over 10 years experience assembling Vespas with sidecars and that experience results in a superior product. We can make custom modifications in paint, engine, and chassis to build the sidecar combination you desire.

Please contact us with any questions you have about the product.

American Scooter Center has been in the Vespa and Lambretta scooter business in the U.S. since 1998. We stand behind the quality of our products with 1-800-tech support, warranty, and customer service. We are a full service Vespa and Lambretta repair and service shop with full restoration to routine service and upgrades for classic and modern scooters at our Austin location. This scooter is being sold from our Austin, Texas location. Shipping is available to your door or a local freight warehouse for an additional charge.

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