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PX 166cc Enhanced Durability Engine




We are presenting a better built, more durable, mildly tuned motor based on the LML Star Express cases custom built to your needs. We have addressed the shortcomings of LML factory motors by using higher quality parts in several key areas of the motor. The motor will be offered for $1495.00 in base form.  Contact us for a precise quote and to reserve one today.

New LML Star Express Engine Cases - Hand selected

166cc Cylinder with Forged Piston and Wire Drawn ring set

(D.R.180cc Cylinder Optional)

Dellorto SI 20/20 Carb

GGR Performance Hot Reeds Intake 

(Dellorto SI 24/24 Optional)

Free Flow Air Filter  - Standard fit PX Air filter modified by manufactured for increased air flow

Italian Crank w/ Piaggio Main Bearings

Ducati CDI

(Sprint Kickstart Quadrant - If you want to drop your engine into a vintage Vespa and keep the correct kickstart lever Optional)

3 Wire A.C. Stator

(American Wired Stator Optional)

(We can custom wire any stator configuration including vintage scooters and Electric Start configuration)

PX Flywheel - Lighter or Electric Start based on your choice

21Z Clutch 68T Cush Gear Drive 3.23

(23Z Clutch 65T Cush Gear Drive 2.82 Optional)

(Banded Clutch Optional)

(Piaggio T5 4th Gear Optional)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 31 January, 2011.

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