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Vespa Engine Rebuild


Vespa Engine Rebuild - Ship us your Vespa engine for a Professional Rebuild

(1) Open, inspect and reseal your rotary pad Vespa motor. (VBB, Sprint, Primavera, P Series, PX)

(2) Replace oil seals, inspect bearings, check crank for trueness, decoke and measure top end (Cylinder) to ensure it is within size tolerance with proper compression.

(3) Replace wear parts (bearings, cruciform, clutch components, cylinder/piston) as necessary with a 10%-35% discount off of regular retail prices at the time of rebuild.

Additional services and upgrades are available at the time of rebuild. Contact us for specific information and a custom quote to rebuild or upgrade your motor.

We have one of the largest parts inventories for vintage Vespas in the United States and have the parts in stock to rebuild your motor properly.

Our Vespa experts have over 30 years of professional experience working on Vespa engines. Our service shop is stocked with all of the necessary tools to do the job correctly.

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