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Koso 48mm Tachometer

Top quality Tachometer. Must hook into a 12v DC system. 9v battery packs can also be used if your running an A.C. electrical system bike.
Koso 48mm Tachometer $135.00

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Koso Digital Temp Meter

100-150 deg C Temp gauge. Must be used with a 12v DC scooter. A 9v battery pack can be substituted on an A.C. electrical system scooter.
Koso Digital Temp Meter $162.00

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Stage 6 48mm Water Temp/ Cylinder Head Temp gauge

A cylinder head temp guage or a water temp gauge depending on the sensor used. You must have a 12v DC scooter to tap directly into. 9v battery packs...
Stage 6 48mm Water Temp/ Cylinder Head Temp gauge $125.00

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Stage 6 Digital EGT gauge

0-1000deg C EGT ( Exhaust Gas Temp.) Digial gauge from Stage 6. Not a bolt on system. Must tap the exahust manifold. Runs on a 12v dc scooter /...
Stage 6 Digital EGT gauge $130.50

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