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Gas Tanks & Fuel Taps

Item Name Product Image Price

P-Series Oil Tank

P-Series Oil Tank $29.00

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Small Frame Gas Tank

Small Frame Gas Tank $95.00

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Vintage Gas Tank

Vintage Gas Tank $95.00

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PX Gas Cap

PX Gas Cap $16.00

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Oil Tank Cap

Oil Tank Cap $5.00

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P-Series Fuel Tap

P-Series Fuel Tap $14.00

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PX Arco Fuel Tap

PX Arco Fuel Tap $19.00

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Small Frame Fuel Tap

Small Frame Fuel Tap $17.00

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Old Style Fuel Tap

Old Style Fuel Tap $14.00

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Fuel Tap Packing

Replacement rubber insert for most Vespa fuel taps.
Fuel Tap Packing $4.50

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Fuel Control Rod

Metal fuel control rod. Comes in long and short. Call of size / application.
Fuel Control Rod $4.75

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Oil Tank Sight Glass

Oil Tank Sight Glass $7.00

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Fuel Line

This is high quality fuel line from Italy. The price is per foot, specify how many feet you need in the quantity. It will be shipped as one...
Fuel Line $3.00

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Oil Line

Price is per foot.
Oil Line $6.00

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