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Light Bulbs

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Standard Festoon Bulbs

Available in 6v5w, 6v10w, 12v5w, 12v10w, specify application when ordering.
Standard Festoon Bulbs $2.50

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Pilot Bulb

Available in 12v and 6v, in either 5w or 10w.
Pilot Bulb $3.00

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6v21w Dual Filament

6v21w Dual Filament $3.50

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Standard Headlight Bulb

Available in 6V or 12V, normal BA20D base for most Vespas.
Standard Headlight Bulb $4.50

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12v55/55w Headlight Bulb

12v55/55w Headlight Bulb $4.99

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Halogen Headlight Bulb

Great upgrade to easily get brighter lights, the BA20D base bulb fits for most Vespas, available in 6V or 12V.
Halogen Headlight Bulb $6.50

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Tinted halogen headlight bulbs

Available in either blue or gold, add some unique styling to your vintage bike at night.
Tinted halogen headlight bulbs $10.00

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H7 Bulb

For PX Millennium running light.
H7 Bulb $11.00

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H4 Headlight Bulb

For PX Millennium headlights
H4 Headlight Bulb $11.50

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