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PK VMX6 ETS Flywheel Stator Assembly

Ducati Energia NOS Flywheel and Stator set for your large taper (24mm/25mm) ETS /VMX6/VMX7/VMS. We also have Piaggio large taper ETS crankshafts for...
PK VMX6 ETS Flywheel Stator Assembly $229.00

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12V Electronic Ignition Upgrade.

Upgrade your old points and condernsor system to 12V electronic ignition! Fits Sprint, VBB, etc, taper cranks. CDI, Coil, and Fan included, but...
12V Electronic Ignition Upgrade. $175.00

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12V Points Stator & Flywheel

12V points stator, flywheel, and fan for Sprint, VBB style motors.
12V Points Stator & Flywheel $139.00

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Small Frame Lightened Flywheel

Hard to come by lightened flywheels for the (more common) smaller taper cranks. Great for tuned motors!
Small Frame Lightened Flywheel $110.00

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12V Point Stator

Stator for 12 Volt Vespas running Points. Uses original Sprint, VBB flywheel. Call for more information.
12V Point Stator $75.00

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PX Electric Start Stator

Ducati electric start stator for PX. These stators are used in certain markets for electric start PX model Vespas. They can also be used in certain...
PX Electric Start Stator $149.00

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PX Non-Battery Stator

Euro-spec (12V AC) stator for P series (electronic ignition.) Can be modified for battery bikes.
PX Non-Battery Stator $99.00

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PX Electric Start Flywheel

NOS Piaggio replacement flywheel for PX with electric start.
PX Electric Start Flywheel $149.00

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PX Electronic Flywheel

PX electronic flywheel without the starter gear.
PX Electronic Flywheel $119.00

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Plastic Flywheel Fan

Plastic fan for Sprint style flywheels.
Plastic Flywheel Fan $11.00

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Metal Flywheel Fan

Metal fan for Sprint style flywheels.
Metal Flywheel Fan $25.00

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