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Points & Condensers

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Standard Vespa Points

OEM Standard Largeframe Vespa points. We also carry EFFE OEM Points for $12. Some models do differ so please specify when ordering.
Standard Vespa Points $6.50

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Early P125 Points

Correct points for P-Series and some Small Frames.
Early P125 Points $12.00

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Single Wire Condenser

EFFE OEM quality For GS, Rally 180, some Small Frames, etc.
Single Wire Condenser $9.00

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Italian - Dual Wire Condenser

EFFE OEM Quality Fits earlier model Vespas and some Small Frames.
Italian - Dual Wire Condenser $8.00

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P125/150 Condenser

EFFE OEM points for P-series models.
P125/150 Condenser $9.00

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