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Ignition Coils\Caps\Plugs

Item Name Product Image Price

Stella CDI Box OEM

OEM replacement CDI box for your Stella electronic ignition.
Stella CDI Box OEM $49.00

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Standard HT Coil

Standard HT coil for most Vespas.
Standard HT Coil $24.00

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GS Style HT Coil

Correct replacement coil for GS and older style bikes. Available in VBB/GS150/GS160 post stud styles for $59.00.
GS Style HT Coil $49.00

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Ducati CDI Unit

Top quality Ducati - Blue box - for your electronic ignition Vespa or Lambretta.
Ducati CDI Unit $65.00

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Early Rally CDI/Coil Unit (Femsa Replacement)

This is an early Rally 200/180(Femsatronic) CDI, this item is very hard to find.
Early Rally CDI/Coil Unit (Femsa Replacement) $129.00

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Ducati Style CDI

Generic Ducati style cdi box for electronic ignition P series and late, non Femsatronic Rallys.
Ducati Style CDI $50.00

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Bajaj CDI Unit

For the upgrade electronic ignition kit.
Bajaj CDI Unit $19.00

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Voltage Regulators

OEM Replacement 3-pole VREG for your non-battery P series or used for an electronic ignition conversion. Also available in 5 pole. Please call for 5...
Voltage Regulators $32.00

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Standard Spark Plug Cap

Rubber cap that fits into the cylinder shroud.
Standard Spark Plug Cap $3.00

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NGK Style Plug Cap

Grips plug threads, and uses an internal lead attachment.
NGK Style Plug Cap $4.00

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Spark Plugs

NGK or Denso equivalent, call for application.
Spark Plugs $4.00

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