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Fenders & Horncasts

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PK Front Fender

PK Front Fender $55.00

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P-Series Fender

Quality replacement front fender for your P-series Vespa. LML Spec
P-Series Fender $69.00

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Primavera Front Fender

Great price on replacement front fender for your smallframe.
Primavera Front Fender $43.00

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Sprint Front Fender

Sprint style front fender, in primer.
Sprint Front Fender $54.00

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VBB/VNB Front Fender

Great replacement for your original VNB/VBB style front fender.
VBB/VNB Front Fender $54.00

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T5 Front Fender

T5 replacement front fenders. Lower profile sporty look - Can be modified to fit P series.
T5 Front Fender $55.00

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Early P Horncast

Horncast for early P-series Vespas, will work for any P but the badges are slightly different. This is what is on all American models.
Early P Horncast $17.00

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PX Millenium Horncast Grille

Standard PX millenium horncast grille in chrome.
PX Millenium Horncast Grille $20.00

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PX black horncast grille

PX black horncast grille $8.00

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Arcobaleno Style P Horncast

Arco or Lusso style P horncast, this also fits non-lusso bikes but has different badges.
Arcobaleno Style P Horncast $25.00

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Millennium P Horncast

The final incarnation of the P horncast, put on bikes after 2000.
Millennium P Horncast $29.00

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