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Vintage Scooter Tires

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Continental Twist

The newest sport tire on the market by Continental. These are awesome, and come in a variety of sizes.
Continental Twist $49.00

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Continental Navigator

Another new sport tread tire from Continental, a good all weather tire aggressive tread pattern yet maintains good grip in wet conditions.
Continental Navigator $39.00

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3" x 10" Continental White Walls

This is the best Whitewall made, only available in this classic tread pattern for 3" x 10" bikes
3" x 10" Continental White Walls $69.00

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Continental LB8 Classic

Great classic tread tire for older eight inch Vespas.
Continental LB8 Classic $49.00

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Duro HF-263

Duro HF-263 $37.00

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Duro HF-203

Nobby Tires for your scooter. Tube type only. Has balance dot.
Duro HF-203 $39.00

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New Products For April - Tires & Tubes

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